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Potato rice corn beans modified starch production line

Place of Origin Shandong
Certification ISO,CE
Min.Order Quantity 1
Price $6,000.00 - $33,000.00 / Sets
Payment Terms D/A,L/C

Product Features

Production line description

Full automatic modified starch extrusion machinery with pregelatinization-tech use cheap natural starch as maize/corn statch and tapioca cassava starch as main materials, through extruding treatment process, to produce multi-functional and high-valuable modified starch,pregelatinization starch or denatured starch. Its double screw extruder is special designed, consists of 6 systems: feeding system, extruding system, cutting system

A.Raw materials: corn flour, rice flour and all kinds of grains as raw materials

B. Products: different shapes can be made according to customers' requirements by adjusting extruder molds

C. Capacity :150kg/h, 250kg/h, 500kg/h

D. China voltage: three-phase :380V/50Hz, single-phase :220V/50Hz. Products from different countries can be produced according to different local voltages according to customer requirements

E.. Machine materials: all modified starch production lines are made of stainless steel, and the production line design is reasonable, with a high degree of automation, with strong safety guarantee, the equipment is

efficient and convenient to use, greatly improving the production speed of modified starch.

The advantage of our prodution line 

a.The main extruder adopts frequency speed controlling with high automation.
b. The screws are made of the stainless steel and special craft, which has the advantage of durable usage, high pressure, and longer life.
c.The forced lubrication system, which can guarantee the equipment transmission life longer.
d.Auto-temperature control system and self-cleaning, which makes it more convenient.
e. It has the widest range of applications and can produce different products with different equipment and models.


1. Daub coal oil on the surface of the machines.
2. Plastic film as the inner packing.
3.Train, ship or depend on clients' requirement

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