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Small Wood Chip, Palm Fiber, Wood Sawdust Drying Machine for Biomass Fuel

Place of Origin Shandong
Certification ISO,CE
Min.Order Quantity 1
Price $9,600.00 - $10,500.00 / Sets
Payment Terms D/A,T/T

Product Features

Product Description

1. Low operation cost. Compared with imported products, our dryer only needs 25% of equipment investment.

2. The heat efficiency of self heat-preservation cylinder reaches up to higher than 70% (heat efficiency of traditional single cylinder

dryer is only 35% ), which increases more than 50%.

3. Compared with common dryer, floor space is reduced by 50%, civil construction investment is

reduced by 50%, electricity consumption is reduced by 60%.

4. Multi-angle lifting style lifting plate inside of dryer and adjusted drying time make good drying


5. Moisture content can be adjusted easily according to user requirements.

6. Flow speed of the material is controlled by frequency converter.

7. New type heat stove is equipped with low energy conservation; high efficiency, adjusted

temperature, easy operation; and coal consumption is reduced by 60%. Low temperature of outlet air; long working time of dedusting equipment, which enables continuous production with next procedure.

Biomass drying machine charcteristics :

1.Large production capability, continuous operation.
2.Simple structure, convenient operation.
3.Low malfunction, low maintenance cost.
4. Wide scope of application. It can be used for drying granular materials, especially benefit for those materials with big adhesion.
5.Great operating flexibility. The production allows a larger fluctuation range in the output of products, but not influence the quality of product.
6. Can achieve intelligent control, one-button operation, automatic adjustment of operating parameters, the dryer is always in the best condition to run, to ensure that the drying of the material moisture uniform and stable, bright colors, nutrients remain unchanged.
7.Built-in mixing blade device will be fully stirred and broken material, material and hot temperament heat exchange fully, the equipment unit capacity increased by 50% , fuel energy consumption reduced by 30% ;
8.Equipment with less malfunction, low maintenance costs, low energy consumption;
9. Drying products are powder, water evenly, bright color, drying process does not lose the material nutrients;
10.Adopts a unique sealed insulation device, effectively reducing the heat loss of the drying system;
11.The system sealing performance is good, and with a complete dust removal device, no dust spill, the operating environment is good;
12.The entire drying system using electrical centralized control, hot air temperature with automatic adjustment, a high degree of automation, easy to operate.


How to know more about the Biomass Wood Pellet Mill Machine power, capacity, dimension or weight?
Please refer to the detail parameters, or leave your contact information at below, we will according to your requirement to send the details for you in 4 hours.

Will you dispatch the engineer to guide installation the Biomass Wood Pellet Mill Machine ?
Yes, according to the customer’s requirement, we will dispatch the engineer to guide installation the Biomass Wood Pellet Mill Machine.

How about you to ensure the Biomass Wood Pellet Mill Machine normal running?
Except the installation engineer, we also provide the production engineer to guide how to keep a good production.

How long is the warranty of the Biomass Wood Pellet Mill Machine?
One year warranty and comprehensive after-sales service.

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